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  • Montreal Powerhouse's training programs will have been beneficial on many aspects. My form, my lifts and my back programs have improved considerably. The investment was worth it. For all those that wish to perform or come back from a big injury, the follow-ups by the coaches are quick and with a lot of good feedback.

    David Guay
  • These guys are passionate, extremely competent and take their clients really seriously. They are always able to adapt, wether to personnal problems or a gym related injury. I'm always impressed by their fast response time and quality answers. Thanks guys!

    Frederic Carington
  • Deciding to work with Montreal Powerhouse was the best move I made for my powerlifting career. Coach Louis-Alexis is the most passionate and hard working person I know. He always takes time to listen, on good AND bad days. Even if we do online coaching, I feel like I am his priority and his only athlete. Since I started to work with him, my competition streak has been almost perfect and I couldn’t be happier!

    Rebecca Garand
  • Louis-Alexis has been my coach for 2 years. He listens to my objectives and he knows what I need to do to perform. My programs are tailored to my strengths and weaknesses and my results have been excellent. With a now 628lbs deadlift, I can confidently say that I’m rapidly approaching my goals. If you want to push your limits and perform at your best, I strongly recommend working with the Montreal Powerhouse team.

    Vincent Héroux
  • A professional team. Nothing complicated, clear, simple, but very effective! They have an enormous wealth of knowledge and are flexible in their approach with different athletes. I would never let anybody else in Quebec take care of my training periodization!

    Mickael Cloutier
  • Being followed by coach Mathieu finally gave me hope that my injury would heal. He is always available for me and that is priceless, especially during relapses. It would be easy to give up but Mathieu is constantly pushing me to fix my weaknesses instead of ignoring them!

    Gabriel Gauthier
  • Quentin has been following me for years now in regards to my nutrition and I can’t thank him enough for all the help. He is always there to provide me with the right answer and his response time is always very impressive! His approach is very detailed and I feel that he really cares about my success. I would recommend Quentin to anyone looking to improve their eating habits and overall nutrition.

    Sylvie Garceau
  • I worked with Quentin for over a year and he definitely changed my life for the better. He gave me a plan that made sense for me and we adapted as needed because of my obligations and lifestyle. I was able to manage much better my anxiety problems by changing my eating & training habits. I can’t thank him enough for all his expertise and patience.

    Felix-Antoine Gosselin
  • Referred by a friend who was impressed by the skills and professionalism of coach Quentin, I decided to start a nutrition plan with him. I quickly realized that he was a passionate coach who has a lot of knowledge and expertise. I quickly reached my objectives, and even surpassed them! The Montreal Powerhouse team has given me all the necessary tools and constant support. My needs have been fulfilled at every levels!

    Audrey Joly
  • Since I started a nutrition plan with Quentin, I no longer have bad digestion, I lost those extra few pounds, I have a more defined physique, my energy levels are up and I have been able to improve my training performances. I have referred his services to people of my surrounding and I have only received positive feedback for his professionalism, his availability and his extensive knowledge.

    Marie-Eve Garceau
  • 7 years ago, I had chronic back pain and couldn’t lift anything heavy off the floor without fear of injury. From the start, Louis-Alexis tailored my training so that I could one day do something that I had completely given up on: a deadlift. It took me two years to be able to deadlift without pain, and since then I have been deadlifting every week for almost 4 years, pain free. MTL PH has my full confidence.

    Gaultier Paré

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