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About Us

The Montreal Powerhouse team

What We Stand For

At Montreal Powerhouse, we believe in achieving excellence. We are committed to help you build a lifestyle and mentality that will get the best out of you, in and out of the gym. Too many people live their life without questioning their actions and decisions. We believe that you should never settle for less than your full potential and we are 100% dedicated in helping you through this process. The concept of “living life” takes all its sense when you start challenging yourself and at Montreal Powerhouse, we WILL challenge you.

We believe that strength training has a lot more to offer than health benefits: it improves mental strength and self-confidence to push through life’s difficulties. The discipline and dedication you will acquire through your training will carry over to all aspects of your life.

It’s important for us that you truly understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. We will teach you the principles necessary for you to be able to make rational decisions based on sound evidence rather than fitness magazines and internet fads.

Montreal Powerhouse brings an alternative approach to fitness and performance, one that is based on both evidence and experience.

Our coaching team

  • Louis-Alexis Gratton


    Montreal Powerhouse’s head coach, Louis-Alexis focuses on program design and training periodization. He has worked with numerous powerlifters as well as regular gym goers and believes in applying sound scientific principles to create an effective training model that can be fitted to the individual’s needs and peculiarities. His own experience as a competitive powerlifter allows him to enhance his knowledge concerning the demands of the sport.

    Certifications and experience
    • Kinesiology Minor at University of Montreal
    • Westside Barbell’s Strength Certificate
    • Weightlifting Degree from the Coaching Association of Canada
    • International seminars attendance, with names such as Boris Sheiko, Ed Coan, Mike Tuchscherer and Andrey Malanichev
  • Mathieu Doré


    Montreal Powerhouse’s powerlifting coach and physical therapist, Mathieu helps athletes stay or become injury free to perform at their full potential on the platform. With a completed master’s degree of science in physical therapy and numerous successes in competition, both as a coach and as an athlete, Mathieu’s methods have been proven very efficient. His approach, combining a deep understanding of scientific literature on strength, hypertrophy and rehab to his field-proven personalized training techniques, makes him stand out in the performance and health fields.

    Certifications and experience
    • Diploma of Collegial studies in physiotherapy from Montmorency College (2016-2019)
    • Bachelor’s and master’s degree of science in physiotherapy from the Université de Montréal (2019-2023)
    • Provincial record holder for the squat and for the total in the QPF - 93kg open category (2016 – now)
    • Former national record holder for the squat and for the total in the CPU - 93kg open category with 307.5kg and 807.5kg respectively (2021 – 2022)
    • QPF male athlete of the year 2021
    • 4th best QPF male lifter of all time by GL points (2023)
    • Former best QPF lifter of all time by GL points (2021)
    • Coach of world level IPF athletes Jérémy Vallerand and Christopher Acosta-Tapia
  • Quentin Weber


    Known for his high level of self-discipline and performance, Quentin decided to get significantly involved in the industry to support other athletes achieve their potential. He is a lifetime multidimensional athlete. Knowledgeable and skilled, he uses a scientific approach backed by several certifications and lots of experience. Promoting critical thinking, Quentin is an active learner that thrives on finding solutions. When working with athletes, the focus is on creating a true relationship in which all variables are taken into consideration.

    Certifications and experience
    • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
    • NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialization (FNS)
    • Natural Professional Bodybuilder title Provincial
    • National Powerlifting athlete
    • Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete
    • International seminars attendance (Boris Sheiko, Ed Coan, Mike Tuchscherer, etc.)
  • Francis Martineau


    Francis has been working as a personal trainer since 2014, working with the general population and athletes coming from different fields. He holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology since 2015 and completed his master’s degree in kinesiology specializing in physical preparation in 2020. Francis also competes actively in powerlifting for close to a decade. His experience in this discipline combined with his education allows him to stand out in the field.

    Certifications and experience
    • Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology - University of Montreal, 2015
    • Master’s degree in Kinesiology specializing in physical preparation - University of Montreal, 2020
    • Olympic Weightlifting certification from the Coaching Association of Canada
    • Active CPU Member since 2013
  • Kevin Gonçalves


    Passionate about powerlifting, Kevin is a committed coach who takes your goals and successes to heart. He listens to your needs and concerns to enable you to make rapid progress in this area. Your victories are also his. He has coached and practiced several categories of sports including football, CrossFit, physical training, etc. to finally find himself in this world that makes him vibrate, that of Powerlifting. He has completed several coaching courses and continues to improve his skills every day by learning and growing in this fascinating field. He competitively practices powerlifting within the CPU. His dedication as well as his background as a coach and athlete make him an excellent candidate to accompany you on your journey. Kevin has the power to take your potential to another level.

    Certifications and experience
    • Certified personal trainer with CANFITPRO
    • Training and nutrition training with Kilofit
    • OTFIT Certificate Coach Certification
    • Competitive powerlifter active in the CPU
    • Coaching of Powerlifting athletes of different levels
    • Several coaching experiences in gyms as a personal and group trainer