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Online Coaching

  • Tailored plans

    Your tailored-made plan is crafted with care and adjusted to your needs as we go along.

  • Evidence based

    With our evidence based, no-nonsense approach, we will guide you through the sometimes complicated and confusing process of optimizing training and nutrition.

  • Constant communication

    We provide detailed guidelines and instructions, weekly follow-ups and we guarantee an answer to all of your questions, anytime, within 24 hours.

  • Easy subscription and free account

    Whenever you sign up with us, you get access to a free account with which you can manage your subscription. All payments are billed automatically every 4 weeks and you can cancel anytime you want.


Custom made resistance program tailored to your schedule, equipment access, training experience and current goals. We make sure you make the most out the time you spend in the gym by optimizing progression, technique and minimizing injury risks.

Training subscription includes:

  • Training programs in four-week blocks (modifiable from time to time if necessary)

  • Weekly video reviews with adjustment of main lift loads

  • Constant communication via text message (response in less than 24 hours guaranteed)

  • Videoconference calls one by one every four weeks

  • Privileged access to our online physiotherapy services

  • Warm-up protocols specific to each day of the training program

  • Document explaining the progress of a competition in the FQD

  • PR tracker included in the training program

  • Access to our sharing network on Instagram

  • - Coach Louis-Alexis Gratton: $200.00 + taxes | every 4 weeks
  • - Coach Mathieu Doré: $200.00 + taxes | every 4 weeks
  • - Coach Francis Martineau: $175.00 + taxes | every 4 weeks
  • - Coach Kevin Gonçalves: $175.00 + taxes | every 4 weeks
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Man making a protein shake

Custom made nutrition plan adjusted to your current goals and reality. We cover macronutrients and micronutrients, food quality, supplements, hydration and sleeping habits to make sure you look and feel your best.

  • - Coach Quentin Weber: $200.00 + taxes | every 4 weeks
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Man doing a rehabilitation exercise.

Ideal for injured athletes for whom traditional physiotherapy can be maladapted, Montreal Powerhouse offers online physiotherapy services. Our remote physiotherapy solution includes an exhaustive assessment, modification of the training program, specific exercises, warm up protocols, and constant communication. 

Book a session:

*Note that if our physical therapist judges that an in-person assessment would be preferable for your situation, he’ll be available to see you in clinic. Please contact him for more information.

  • - Evaluation: $125.00 + taxes | 60 minutes
  • - Follow up: $85.00 + taxes | 30 minutes

Meet Handling

Our meet handling service has you covered during your competition from weigh-in to stepping off the platform. We provide athlete guidance & management, warmups strategy, attempts selection, discussions with officials and more so you only have to focus on your performance.

*Note there is a possibility an additional invoice will be charged depending on the location and number of athletes being coached. Your assigned coach will be in touch with you to keep you updated.