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Customizable peaking training block.

Peaking Block – Customizable Template


Our 4 weeks customizable peaking block will ensure you perform at your best come competition time.

  • Track average intensity and total volume per week

  • Select your level between normal, hard and overreaching 

  • Display your weights in lbs or kg

  • Select your main lifts variations and assistance exercises

  • Available in either 3 or 4 training days per week schedules

  • Format: spreadsheet (best experienced when used with Excel 2010 or newer)

What It Is

The templates are designed to be continually reusable by allowing you to change the stimulus every cycle, be it by altering exercise selection, intensity or volume.

These templates are ideal for those who can't or don't want to be followed by a coach but still want a training plan based on sound periodization principles.

We provide 3 distinct 4 weeks block: hypertrophy, strength and peaking. You can either alternate between the first two to build a general base of hypertrophy and strength, or follow the progression from one to the other to peak for a competition.

How To Use

The goal of the hypertrophy block is to gain muscle mass. In the strength block, neural factors like motor unit recruitment and synchronization will be improved in the newly gained muscle mass. The peaking block will further on those improvements all the while getting you ready to reach your highest performance on the squat, bench press and deadlift come competition time.

Our blocks are customizable, which means that they can all be used several times, with hundreds of combinations possible within each block. You get to pick your exercises from a proposed list as well as the difficulty level that is suitable for you.

Hypertrophy blocks and strength blocks can be respectively repeated several times in a row, provided that you change the exercises each time you do so. When in off-season, we suggest alternating between two consecutive hypertrophy blocks and two or three consecutive strength blocks. In preparing for a competition, one hypertrophy block followed by two strength blocks and a peaking block would be ideal.